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Welcome to the Haines Senior Village
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Efficiency Apartment

We have one efficiency apartment in our complex.  It measures 30’ x 14’ 4”, making it 420 sq ft. Rent is $721.00 a month.

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One Bedroom

There are seven one bedrooms.  Each are 590 SF measuring 34' 6" x 15' 4".  (There is one oversized one bedroom apartment with slightly different measurements).  Rent is $925.00 a month and $1050.00 for the oversized one.

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Two Bedroom

Our complex has five two bedroom apartments, each being 750 SF which make them 29' x 24' 2".  Rent is $1200.00 a month.

Common Area


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Laundry Room

Located in the common area, is our laundry room with two washers and two dryers as well as a utility sink.  There is no charge for the use of these for all residents.

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Lending Library

The common area is in the heart of our complex and is a welcome place for guests to relax, borrow a book from our lending library, play the piano or visit with guests if they wish.

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Recycle Center

With the help from volunteers at Haines Friends of Recycling, we're proud to offer a mini recycle center here at the village.  Located in the common area, bins are clearly labeled to make sorting easy.  The volunteers pick up the recycled items every Friday.  We also offer compost service (thanks to Haines Compost) that is picked up every Friday as well.



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Garden Beds

For all of our residents that enjoy gardening, we have several raised garden beds available.

Picnic Tables

The courtyard is located in the back area of our complex.  It's a nice quiet area with picnic tables, lawn chairs and a BBQ grill all available to our tenants.


The back courtyard is beautifully landscaped with lilac bushes and other flowers and greenery, even delicious strawberries.  Many tenants also have various hanging flower baskets and planted flowers in their planter boxes in their front entrances.

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